Driver’s License

The driver must possess a license that has been valid for at least 1 year before the rental date. We accept licenses issued from European Union countries. If the license is not from a European Union country, we will accept an international driver’s license accompanied by the original country-issued driver’s license.

Minimum rental age of the driver is 23.
There is no extra charge for additional drivers.

Car Insurance

Third Party Insurance

What it covers:
Our third party insurance covers death and third party injuries, including the car passengers up to the limit of €1.0000,00. The driver is covered up to €12.000,00 and third party property damages are covered up to €1.0000,00.
What it does not cover:

Theft of personal items that are on or inside the car.
Damages to the car.

Included in the rental price.

Payment methods accepted

Cash and credit cards (Visa,Master Card, Amex, Diners)


Taxes are included in the rental price

Car Pick-up & Drop-off

Free Car Pick-up & Drop-off at the port or at the customer’s hotel.

Child Seat

Free – available by reservation

Transport of car by ferry

You may load the car on a ferry only after the explicit consent of our office. Any damages incurred to the car during its ferry transport are not covered by any insurance.

Traffic infractions/parking tickets

“If the car belongs to a car rental company and is under a valid rental contract, the person who has rented the car under the contract is responsible for any traffic infractions” (Greek law 3534 – ΦΕΚ 40 Α’ / 23-02-2007)