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Springs of Menites in Andros

Rent a car in Andros and explore the serene springs of Menites in Andros, nestled among walnut and plane trees. Experience the soothing melody of the water in this charming village, ideal for a peaceful getaway. Andros, known for its lush green landscapes, hides the Maenites near Chora, making them the ideal retreat.

Discover the Menites springs , where water flows from marble lions in a peaceful square with tavernas and cafes. The name of the village, associated with the maenads of Dionysus or a "cute place" (amoenitas), adds a touch of mythology. It is a short distance from Chora and the valley of Mesaria leads to the beach of Neiborio.

The springs are located under the sanctuary of Panagia Koumoulou and are said to be ancient springs of the temple of Dionysus. The waters irrigate Menites, Messaria and even reach Mesa Chorio in Livadia. Explore the nearby springs, such as "Fountana", Molivaria, Zannakis and Koumaros. In the past, oil mills and watermills dotted the landscape, adding historical charm.

Hire a car in Andros and visit the springs of Menita, where history and nature blend harmoniously. Planning a visit? Opt for car rental in Andros, ensuring a hassle-free exploration in this tranquil haven. Rent a car in Andros and indulge in the beauty of Menites Springs and beyond. Experience the simplicity of car rental in Andros for a stress-free trip.