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Rent a Car Andros
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Rent a Car Company in Andros

Established in 2001 on the enchanting island of Andros, 'Escape in Andros' car rental office is more than a service; it's a family legacy devoted to enhancing your travel experience. Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Andros, we take pride in our role as your trusted companion in exploring every corner of this idyllic Greek island.

Our meticulously curated fleet boasts a collection of brand-new vehicles, ensuring not just transportation but a journey of comfort and safety. From the moment you step off the boat at the port of Andros, Gavrio, our commitment to exceptional service begins. Imagine the freedom to choose - deliver your 'Escape in Andros' car right at the port upon your arrival or seamlessly to your accommodation, wherever it may be, at your request.

At 'Escape in Andros,' we transcend the ordinary; we embody a promise. Our mission is to weave the threads of convenience and joy into the tapestry of your Andros adventure. Whether you're drawn to the historic wonders, the sun-kissed beaches, or the charming villages, our reliable and stylish cars await to elevate your exploration.

More than a car rental, we're your local companion, devoted to turning each moment into a cherished memory. Join us as we unfold the roads of Andros together. Your journey begins with 'Escape in Andros,' where every mile is a story waiting to be written.

We don't just aim to please; we strive to make your Andros escape extraordinary.